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The Sound Barrier is 1125 FPS at Sea Level

Subsonic Ammunition Doesn't Break The Sound Barrier, Thus No Sonic Boom.

Reduced Noise, Less Recoil, Better Suppression and Less Concussive.

Subsonic rounds have limitations in terms of range, penetration power, and kinetic energy compared to their supersonic counterparts however new ballistic breakthroughs are making it more accurate and quieter than ever!

Two Incredible Minutes

Chief Product Officer Eric Moser Demonstrates the Difference Between Green Tip and Atomic Subsonic .223

Be aware that some semi automatic pistols and rifles may not cycle with the reduced velocity. Atomic Subsonic Rifle Ammunition is built for Bolt Action Rifles or Rifles with an adjustable gas block.

Reduced Noise - Less Concussive

Subsonic rounds travel at speeds below the sound barrier, reducing the noise produced when fired. This is particularly beneficial for maintaining stealth and minimizing noise pollution, making them ideal
for certain tactical situations or in environments where noise control
is essential.

Less Recoil - More Accurate

Lower velocities mean reduced recoil. This can improve accuracy by
allowing for quicker follow-up shots and better control over the

Better Suppression

Subsonic rounds can work well with suppressors (silencers), as the lower velocity reduces the sonic crack associated with supersonic bullets,
making the firearm even quieter.

Subsonic Standouts

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