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The Alternative To Deadly Force

Protection Doesn't Need To Be Lethal

No Perceived Recoil, Hearing Safe, Compact Size, and Dependable.

Ample stopping power allows ordinary citizens the ability to disarm, disable, and deter a would-be assailant without causing permanent injury or death.

Multiple models and colors available for Byrna launchers.

Never Left Empty

Most CO2 launchers puncture the cylinder when it is loaded into the device. The CO2 will then begin to leak out, rendering the weapon inoperable. In response, Byrna developed its patented first-shot, pull-pierce technology. This allows the CO2 cylinder to remain in the launcher, unpunctured, until needed. Then when the trigger is pulled, the CO2 is punctured and the projectile is fired simultaneously.

No Perceived Recoil

The almost complete absence of recoil allows for any individual the ability to effectively use the launchers when the time comes. Unlike firearms, these launchers do not kick, which allows for much quicker and more accurate follow up shots if needed.

Compact And Concealable

The launcher could easily fit in a glove box, purse, or jacket pocket, making it easily available when it is needed most.

No Hassle Ownership

There are no waiting periods to own a Byrna Launcher. Buy it today. Own it today. Background checks are not required to own or purchase a Byrna Launcher. Interstate travel friendly.

Byrna Launchers

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