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Why is 7.62 so popular in the east?

The 7.62 caliber, specifically the 7.62x39mm and 7.62x54mmR cartridges, gained popularity in the eastern parts of the world for several reasons:

1. Military Adoption: The Soviet Union played a significant role in the adoption and proliferation of the 7.62 caliber. The 7.62x39mm cartridge was introduced in the Soviet Union in the late 1940s and became the standard caliber for the iconic AK-47 assault rifle and its variants. The widespread use of the AK-47 and its influence on various military forces across Eastern Europe, Asia, and other regions contributed to the popularity of the 7.62 caliber.

2. Availability and Production: The Soviet Union and later Russia, along with several other countries in the eastern parts of the world, have been manufacturing large quantities of firearms chambered in 7.62x39mm and 7.62x54mmR for military and civilian use. This abundance of firearms and ammunition made the 7.62 caliber readily available and affordable in those regions.

3. Versatility and Performance: The 7.62x39mm and 7.62x54mmR cartridges are known for their reliability, durability, and effectiveness in a variety of combat scenarios. They offer good penetration, stopping power, and range, making them suitable for infantry rifles and light machine guns. The 7.62x39mm cartridge is particularly favored for its intermediate power, providing a balance between controllable recoil and effective terminal ballistics.

4. Geopolitical Factors: The Cold War era and subsequent conflicts in Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East led to the proliferation of Soviet-designed firearms chambered in the 7.62 caliber. Many countries aligned with or influenced by the Soviet Union adopted these firearms and their associated ammunition as part of their military arsenals. This further contributed to the popularity and widespread use of the 7.62 caliber in the eastern parts of the world.

It's important to note that the popularity of the 7.62 caliber does not imply it is exclusively limited to the eastern parts of the world. The 7.62x39mm and 7.62x54mmR cartridges have gained recognition globally and are used by various military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters worldwide due to their performance characteristics and the availability of firearms chambered in these calibers.

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