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What is .350 Legend?

The .350 Legend is a rifle cartridge introduced by Winchester in 2019. It was designed specifically for use in the AR-15 platform, offering a straight-walled case design suitable for states with restrictions on bottlenecked rifle cartridges for hunting.

The .350 Legend has a bullet diameter of .357 inches (9.1mm) and utilizes a straight-walled brass case with a rebated rim. It was developed as a medium- to short-range cartridge for hunting deer and other medium-sized game. The cartridge is known for its low recoil and high velocity, providing good terminal performance within its intended range.

One of the key features of the .350 Legend is its compatibility with standard AR-15 magazines and lower receivers. This allows for easy conversion of existing AR-15 rifles to chamber the .350 Legend cartridge, making it an attractive option for hunters who already own AR-15 platforms.

The ballistics of the .350 Legend are optimized for performance within 200 yards, making it suitable for hunting in thick brush or wooded areas where shorter shooting distances are common. It offers good energy transfer and expansion, helping to ensure effective kills on game animals.

The introduction of the .350 Legend was aimed at states that have specific hunting regulations limiting the use of bottlenecked rifle cartridges. By offering a straight-walled cartridge with similar ballistics to traditional rifle rounds, Winchester sought to provide hunters with a legal alternative that still delivers sufficient power and accuracy.

Overall, the .350 Legend provides a versatile and capable option for hunters who prefer the AR-15 platform and require a cartridge that meets specific legal requirements for hunting in certain regions or states.

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