Liberty Ammunition - A Quick History

Liberty Ammunition - A Quick History

 Liberty Ammunition has a notable history in the field of small arms ammunition. Established in 2005 by George Phillips, an enthusiast of firearms and ammunition, the company set out to create innovative and high-performance rounds for various applications, including personal defense, law enforcement, and military use.

One significant milestone in Liberty Ammunition's history occurred in 2014 with the introduction of the Civil Defense line. This ammunition line revolutionized the market with its lightweight, lead-free projectiles. Designed to fragment upon impact, these rounds generate multiple wound channels, resulting in devastating stopping power. The Civil Defense line prioritizes high velocity and reduced recoil to deliver maximum energy transfer while mitigating over-penetration risks.

In addition to the Civil Defense line, Liberty Ammunition also offers the Overwatch series. This ammunition is specifically engineered for self-defense and law enforcement purposes. Overwatch rounds excel in reliable expansion, controlled penetration, and consistent performance, particularly in situations where over-penetration is a concern. While still featuring high-quality projectiles, the Overwatch line focuses on ensuring precise terminal performance while minimizing collateral damage.

Throughout its history, Liberty Ammunition has gained recognition for its commitment to innovative ammunition design. By emphasizing factors such as velocity, reduced recoil, and advanced bullet technologies, Liberty Ammunition has positioned itself as a provider of effective and cutting-edge self-defense rounds. These advancements, particularly showcased in their Civil Defense and Overwatch lines, have attracted the attention and trust of civilians, law enforcement agencies, and military personnel alike. For the most up-to-date information, it is recommended to refer to Liberty Ammunition's official sources or visit their website.

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