Ballistic Coefficient - What is it?

Ballistic Coefficient - What is it?


Ballistic coefficient is a measure of a bullet's ability to overcome air resistance, and the G1 and G7 drag models are two commonly used standards to calculate this coefficient. The G1 model is based on the standard projectile shape, while the G7 model is more representative of modern, streamlined bullet designs. G1 think Super Mario Bros and G7 is the modern sexy version.

G1 VS G7

While the G1 drag model has been widely used for many years, the G7 drag model offers some advantages over G1, particularly for modern, streamlined bullet designs. Here are a few reasons why using G7 is considered more advantageous:

  1. Improved Accuracy: The G7 model provides a more accurate representation of the drag characteristics of streamlined bullets compared to the G1 model. This is because the G7 model is based on actual bullet shapes that are closer to modern designs, whereas the G1 model uses a standard projectile shape that may not accurately represent the specific bullet being analyzed. By using G7, you can achieve more precise calculations and predictions of bullet trajectory.

  2. Bullet Specificity: The G7 model takes into account the specific shape and design features of the bullet being analyzed. This allows for a more precise estimation of the bullet's drag characteristics and its ability to maintain velocity downrange. G1, on the other hand, assumes a more generalized bullet shape, which may not accurately represent the actual bullet being used.

  3. Long-Range Performance: G7 is particularly beneficial for long-range shooting scenarios. Streamlined bullets typically maintain their velocity better over distance compared to non-streamlined projectiles. The G7 model accounts for this improved long-range performance more effectively, providing a more accurate prediction of bullet behavior at extended ranges.

  4. Compatibility with Ballistic Solvers: Many modern ballistic solvers and software programs have incorporated the G7 drag model as an option for calculating trajectory and making accurate long-range shooting predictions. By using G7, you can take full advantage of these advanced tools and achieve better alignment between real-world results and predicted trajectories.

It's worth noting that G1 still has its uses, especially for older or non-streamlined bullet designs where G7 data may not be readily available. However, for modern rifle bullets, G7 is generally considered the more advantageous option due to its improved accuracy and bullet-specificity. If you want to put your smart guy glasses on and chat more about it reach out to our Pro Staff member Eric Moser.

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