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Advantages and disadvantages of +P ammunition

+P ammunition, which stands for "over pressure," refers to cartridges that are loaded to higher than standard pressure levels. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using +P ammunition:


1. Increased Stopping Power: +P ammunition generally delivers higher muzzle velocity and energy compared to standard ammunition. This can result in improved terminal ballistics, deeper penetration, and increased stopping power, which can be advantageous in self-defense or personal protection scenarios.

2. Enhanced Performance: +P ammunition is specifically designed to offer superior performance over standard loads. It may provide improved expansion, better bullet weight retention, and increased accuracy, allowing for more effective engagement of targets.

3. Greater Barrier Penetration: The increased velocity and energy of +P ammunition may provide better performance when shooting through barriers such as clothing, glass, or intermediate barriers, making it potentially more effective in certain scenarios.


1. Increased Recoil: +P ammunition typically generates higher recoil compared to standard loads. This increased recoil can make it more challenging to maintain accuracy and can affect the shooter's ability to control follow-up shots. It may also impact shooter comfort, especially for individuals with limited strength or experience.

2. Increased Wear and Tear: Regular use of +P ammunition can accelerate wear on firearm components due to the higher pressures and velocities involved. This can lead to increased stress on the barrel, slide, frame, and other critical parts, potentially reducing the lifespan of the firearm.

3. Potential Over-Penetration: The higher velocity and energy of +P ammunition may increase the risk of over-penetration, especially in indoor or close-quarters situations. This means there is a higher likelihood of the bullet passing through the intended target and potentially causing unintended damage to objects or people behind it.

4. Availability and Cost: +P ammunition may be less readily available and more expensive compared to standard ammunition due to its specialized nature. It's important to consider the availability and cost of +P ammunition when choosing to use it.

It's crucial to assess your specific needs, shooting capabilities, and the intended purpose of the ammunition when deciding whether to use +P ammunition. It's also important to follow manufacturer recommendations, seek professional guidance, and ensure that your firearm is designed and rated for +P ammunition if you choose to use it.

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