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.350 Legend VS .450 Bushmaster

The .350 Legend and .450 Bushmaster are both rifle cartridges designed for specific purposes, and they have distinct differences in terms of ballistics, power, and intended applications. Here's a comparison between the two:

1. Cartridge Design:
- .350 Legend: It is a straight-walled cartridge with a rebated rim, designed for use in states with restrictions on bottlenecked rifle cartridges. It has a bullet diameter of .357 inches (9.1mm).
- .450 Bushmaster: Also a straight-walled cartridge with a rebated rim, but with a larger bullet diameter of .452 inches (11.5mm).

2. Power and Ballistics:
- .350 Legend: It is a medium- to short-range cartridge designed for hunting medium-sized game within 200 yards. It offers good energy transfer and expansion but is optimized for shorter distances.
- .450 Bushmaster: It is a more powerful cartridge designed for big-game hunting, delivering significant stopping power. It is capable of taking down large-bodied game at short to medium ranges.

3. Effective Range:
- .350 Legend: The effective range is typically within 200 yards due to its ballistics profile, making it suitable for hunting in wooded or brushy areas.
- .450 Bushmaster: While it is also primarily a short-range cartridge, it offers a slightly longer effective range compared to the .350 Legend, generally up to a few hundred yards.

4. Recoil:
- .350 Legend: It has relatively low recoil, making it more comfortable to shoot, especially for shooters sensitive to recoil.
- .450 Bushmaster: It generates more recoil due to its larger bullet size and greater power.

5. Magazine Compatibility:
- .350 Legend: It can utilize standard AR-15 magazines and lower receivers, allowing for easy conversion of existing AR-15 rifles.
- .450 Bushmaster: It requires specialized magazines designed to accommodate its larger dimensions. Some AR-15 magazines can be modified or specific magazines can be purchased.

6. Applications:
- .350 Legend: It is primarily designed for medium-sized game hunting within legal restrictions on bottlenecked rifle cartridges, offering a legal alternative in certain regions.
- .450 Bushmaster: It is suitable for big-game hunting, delivering substantial power and stopping capabilities on large animals. It has gained popularity among hunters targeting larger game like deer, hogs, and bear.

Ultimately, the choice between the .350 Legend and .450 Bushmaster depends on the specific hunting requirements, regulations, and preferences of the shooter. The .350 Legend offers a versatile option for medium-sized game within shorter ranges, while the .450 Bushmaster provides greater power and is better suited for larger game at similar ranges.

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